WEB EXTRA: Amanda Knox Returns To Italy

Amanda Knox a former American student who was accused and then acquitted of the murder of her roommate British student Meredith Kercher and visits Italy to speak at the Criminal Justice Festival arrives at Milans Linate airport Italy

Daniele Mascolo Reuters

CNN reports Knox, 31, landed in Milan on Thursday is headed to the northern city of Modena, where on Saturday she will appear as a guest speaker on a panel discussion on wrongful convictions organized by the Innocence Project.

"I'm about to return to Italy for the first time since I was released from prison and fled the country in a high-speed chase, paparazzi literally ramming the back of my stepdad's rental auto", Knox wrote in a Medium post.

Amanda Knox on Thursday returned to Italy for the first time since the U.S. student was acquitted in 2015 of the gruesome killing of her British housemate after spending four years behind bars. She was convicted of the murder of fellow student Kercher in the Italian town of Perugia in 2007, spending four years in prison before being acquitted and released in 2011.

Knox, then 20 years old, was twice accused and convicted of murdering her British roommate Meredith Kercher in November 2007 while the two were studying overseas in Italy. In 2013, Knox published Waiting to Be Heard, a memoir of her experience in Italy's criminal-justice system.

Italian coverage of the trial, following Knox's acquittal.

"I could not be certain that someone befriending me wasn't doing so to get to me", she said.

"And then, of course, Netflix chose to advertise "Amanda Knox" with twin massive billboards in L.A. and NY: my face and the words "monster" on one and "victim" on the other", Knox wrote in her Medium post.

The following year she made her Instagram public for the first time - a move that was viewed as ill-advised and shocking to some, but what she described as simply unveiling "all my unbelievable cat videos". She kept her eyes down as she exited the airport and did not respond to reporters' questions. But in a Wednesday Medium post titled "Your content, my life", Knox recalls feeling violated by the highly public nature of her trial and spoke of her apprehension about returning to Italy. "Someone's life may make a great story, but it's still their life, and as a journalist myself, I feel a moral duty to respect that". "I'm honored to accept their invitation to speak to the Italian people at this historic event and return to Italy for the first time".

Ahead of her return, Knox once again engaged with her social media audience, posting a photo to her Instagram account which shows her seemingly hanging from a cliff. "'Hang in there!' Just imagine I'm a kitten".

Knox now lives in Seattle with her fiancé, Christopher Robinson, who joined her on her trip overseas, judging from another recent Instagram post.

Knox is not expected to visit Perugia on the trip and the Kercher family lawyer Francesco Maresca said that she would not be welcome there.

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