Facebook launches Feature to Help Increase Blood Donations in the US

Sheryl Sandberg speaks at Facebook's International Media Day

Sheryl Sandberg speaks at Facebook's International Media Day

The South African National Blood Service says the greatest gift is the gift of life.

Mr Abdullahi Abubakar, the Blood Safety Programme Manager, IHVN disclosed this at a blood donation drive in Abuja on Friday.

By launching the tool, Facebook said it also hopes to raise awareness about the dire need for blood donations in the US.

Facebook is making it easier for blood banks to find donors.

As Kate Fry, the chief executive officer at America's Blood Centers, said, it will help individuals "conveniently find and connect with their local blood center to help meet the ongoing need for a diverse pool of blood donors in the United States and share their experiences and the importance of blood donation".

To help raise awareness and make it easier for people to find opportunities to donate blood, Facebook launched its Blood Donations feature in the United States on Wednesday.

He also said that blood donation had an essential life-saving role in maternal and child care, and during emergency response to man-made and natural disasters. You should still be able to look for blood banks that need donors.

He explained that the best way to ensure safe blood supply was through regular donation by voluntary and unpaid blood donors.

A single unit of blood can be used to benefit several patients. The idea here is to encourage people to donate blood when it really counts.

As if you need extra incentive, there is an incredibly exciting event coming to Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane this year that will give even the most needle-phobic among us an extra sweet reason to donate blood.

When blood banks need donations, they can send out alerts to people in the area.

"I will do this over and over because the goal is to help someone who is dying", she said.

Facebook is partnering with organizations including America's Blood Centers, the American Red Cross, New York Blood Center, Rock River Valley Blood Center, Stanford Blood Center, Versiti and Vitalant.

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