La Liga fined €250k for using fan app to detect illegal streams

Soccer fans in Madrid

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La Liga, Spain's premier soccer league, was fined 250,000 euros on Tuesday for failing to adequately notify Android app users that it was recording what was going on near their phones.

As they submitted their written plea, La Liga said the technology used is created to exclusively generate an acoustic fingerprint. The AEPD has requested that LaLiga make it clear to the user when this process is taking place; however, the functionality was already due to be retired on 30 June this year and will be removed.

La Liga have said it will no longer be used from the end of this season [June 30] as originally planned but added they will "continue to test and implement new technologies to improve the experience of fans around the world, and at the same time, help combat the very serious scourge of piracy".

But it turns out, it wasn't Facebook listening to you that you should be anxious about, it was a certain soccer league in Spain.

Spanish daily El Diario reports that LaLiga has been using the app, which has been downloaded 10 million times, to identify bars that are showing matches illegally in a bid to clamp down on piracy. The app does note within the phrases of service that by giving the app permission, customers are consenting to LaLiga the spend of their telephones to detect spurious behavior, fancy pirated soccer video games.

The app would ask for permission to access the microphone and Global Positioning System data, but the AEPD says this was done in an "opaque" manner.

However, the data protection agency ruled that La Liga did not properly inform users, thereby violating their privacy, according to El País.

LaLiga - Spain's top football league - has been slapped with a €250,000 (just over RM1.1 million) fine for allegedly violating European Union data privacy and transparency laws.

They said they believe the AEPD "has not made the necessary effort to understand how technology works".

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