Huawei confirms plans to launch its own Android alternative OS

Huawei's New Operating System Is Insanely Fast Versus Android

Why Google can't dismiss Huawei OS threat

Alphabet Inc's Google has earlier said it would no longer provide Android software for Huawei phones after a 90-day reprieve granted by the USA government expires in August. It suggests that the Chinese firm may soon launch the 5G enabled Mate X foldable phone in China.

Huawei has also scrapped a new laptop launch this week because of its current position on a U.S. trade blacklist.

However, Huawei has since filed patents across the European market for a new operating system named "Ark OS".

Even though Huawei is reportedly working on its own mobile OS, the company might be looking elsewhere for its Android alternative. The software is said to be compatible with all Android apps.

This also means that Huawei's devices will not come pre-loaded with Google apps and services like YouTube, Chrome, or the Play Store.

In the letter to the FCC, the company objected to being banned on the grounds of national security threats.

Huawei has delayed the launch of the Mate X folding handset until September, having originally planned to launch it this summer. Some analysts, however, believe the new OS will be launched early next year with the debut of a new P series flagship.

Huawei has not yet revealed the details about its OS but the applications to trademark the operating system show that it wants to use Hongmeng for gadgets ranging from smartphones and portable computers to robots and vehicle televisions. According to FunkyHuawei, the company is already intensely testing this system.

Huawei confirmed to the BBC that the Mate X is expected to launch in September 2019.

The operating system being developed by Huawei will need to run across its desktop and mobile platforms to ensure that it can continue to deliver smartphones and PC hardware to customers without the support of Microsoft and Google.

It appears that Huawei' is more "cautious" because of what happened with the Galaxy Fold. Huawei accounted for about or 4% of the company's overall sales previous year. Company executives have said that they aim to take the ratio to one in two this year, taking the domestic market share to 50 percent or more.

Now, if all the existing devices get a HongMeng update, it could take away a significant share from Android.

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