Marvel's Avengers Will Not Change Designs After Fan Criticism - E3 2019

After Avengers Game Criticism At E3, Dev Confirms It Won't Change Character Designs

Off-Screen Marvel's Avengers Game Gameplay Leaks and Shows Us How It Looks in Action

Escayg went on to highlight that while the designs of the characters would not be changed, the game is still in the early stages and will receive more polish before release. Crystal Dynamics did say there will be no loot boxes or pay-to-win scenarios, but it seems it deliberately dodged a particular word when describing its new game.

The online reaction to the game has been strong, with a bunch of different reasons for the designs of the Avengers themselves being so reviled - the main one being that they look too similar to their MCU counterparts.

So although we might see some minor tweaks, don't expect a complete overhaul of how the Avengers now look in the upcoming Marvel game. Other elements that were picked on include Captain America's overly bulky riot gear-inspired costume and the clunky discs that make it look like Thor has a sound system mounted on his chest.

"We are always listening to, and welcome feedback from our community".

Will Square Enix change the character designs in the wake of the criticism, like what's happening with the Sonic the Hedgehog movie?

"The trailer is showing pre-alpha gameplay footage, which means the level of detail and overall polish of the character models will absolutely continue to improve as we get closer to launch", Escayg explained.

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