MPs line up against threat of 'ludicrous' no-deal Brexit

UK PM Candidate Hunt Says: Parliament Likely to Block a No-Deal Brexit

New Peterborough MP Lisa Forbes votes to try and block no deal Brexit

A motion seeking to prevent a no-deal Brexit under the future prime minister has been defeated in the House of Commons on Wednesday and has boosted Tory leadership contenders seeking a clean break from the EU.

The EU has said that it's ready for the United Kingdom to leave the bloc without a deal and isn't planning any further contingency measures, suggesting that a no-deal Brexit was "very much possible". "It is likely that parliament would find a way to block no deal if that was being pursued by any prime minister". He says in a speech to be...

"Boris Johnson and a series of other Tory (Conservative) leadership candidates. have made clear they are prepared to see a no-deal exit from the European Union which quite clearly, even under the government's own assessments, would be disastrous for the British economy", Labour's spokesman said.

However Sir Oliver, who was one of 10 Conservative MPs to vote for the motion on Wednesday, suggested that was unlikely to happen. Departing Prime Minister Theresa May tried and failed three times to convince Parliament to approve it.

If passed the motion would have would allowed MPs to take control of the House of Commons agenda - which is normally in the hands of the Government - on Tuesday 25 June.

Before the vote the shadow Brexit secretary Sir Keir Starmer said the Labour motion was a "safety valve" against such a move. He called on Mr Johnson.

"It is only if we have the guts and the courage to get ready for it (no-deal) that we will carry any conviction in Brussels to get the deal that we need", he said.

Some of the 10 contenders, including front-runner Boris Johnson, say if they become Prime Minister, they would take Britain out of the European Union on the twice-extended withdrawal date, now set for October 31, with or without an agreement.

He insisted he was not aiming for no-deal, but said the Government had to show it was serious about leaving if it was to stand any chance of securing concessions from the EU.

"With every week and month that goes by in which we fail to deliver on our promise", he continued, "I am afraid we will further alienate not just our natural supporters but anyone who believes that politicians should deliver on their promises".

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