NXIVM victim says they had to sign loyalty contracts

NXIVM: Allison Mack Accused Of Keeping India Oxenberg On 500-Calorie Sex Slave Diet

Allison Mack Allegedly Starved Dynasty's Catherine Oxenberg's Daughter India for Sex Cult

She was also told to sign papers releasing the group of liability for physical and psychological injuries and disfigurement, but refused.

More details of Allison Mack's treatment of fellow NXIVM members were revealed when one witness testified against the Smallville actress during trial on Friday.

Jay said from the witness stand that she chose to sever ties with the secretive group after Mack and India Oxenberg, the daughter of former Dynasty star Catherine Oxenberg, had given her an assignment to seduce Raniere, 58, reported Albany Times-Union. 'The worst thing is it would be a cult and someone would want to sleep with me, and that's what it was'. She is now cooperating with federal prosecutors but still faces jail time for her time with NXIVM.

The woman, who described Mack, 36, as her "grand master, ' said the 'emotionally abusive" former TV star told her that accepting the assignment to have sex with Raniere would heal her. 'And I give you permission to enjoy it'.

Jay said she freaked out when she eventually Googled Raniere and the group and began planning her escape.

During breaks in the game, Jay said both male and female members of NXIVM would kiss Raniere on the lips and give him chocolates.

'My understanding now is I was being groomed to be a part of his harem, ' the actress testified.

Nicole claimed Mack put Inda Oxenberg on a 500-calorie-a-day diet for more than a year.

Raniere considered waxing "propaganda from the porn industry perpetuating violence against women, " Jay said India told her. She had already lost some weight, and - first of all, she looked good whatever weight she's at, but I was like you're good here, but Allison said that she needed to get down to 107 because she had picked - like, set her word to that, so she had to keep - she had to be on 500 calories a day until she got down to 107.

Before she left, Jay said Mack asked her, "Are you saying you think I'm an accomplice to a child molester?"

"Yes", Jay said she replied.

In April, Mack pleaded guilty to charges of racketeering conspiracy and racketeering.

Raniere has not pleaded guilty to any allegations.

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