WHO emergency panel meets on Ebola after Uganda deaths

Ebola in Uganda

Ugandans concerned at reports of Ebola cases in the country.

The current Ebola epidemic began in August past year in eastern Congo and has already infected at least 2,062 people, killing 1,390 of them.

The World Health Organization revealed on Tuesday that a 5-year-old boy from the DRC who was traveling with family on June 9 started presenting symptoms associated with Ebola.

Uganda's health ministry says a second person infected with the Ebola virus has died after a family exposed to the disease quietly crossed the border from Congo. The health official, Emmanuel Ainebyona, told Reuters the two other people now under observation are the dead boy's three-year-old brother and a 23-year-old Ugandan man.

Congo's health ministry says all members of the Congolese-Ugandan family have agreed to be repatriated to Congo for experimental treatments as part of clinical trials.

Health officials in eastern Congo are vaccinating some pregnant women and infants against Ebola for the first time since the outbreak was declared in August.

Ebola, which is highly contagious, spreads through contact with bodily fluids, causing haemorrhagic fever with severe vomiting, acute diarrhoea and bleeding.

The current outbreak began in August 2018 in eastern Congo, infecting at least 2,062 people and killing 1,390 of them.

The World Health Organization will hold an emergency meeting Friday to determine whether to declare the outbreak "a public health emergency of global concern", a major shift in the mobilisation against the disease.

The World Health Organisation (WHO) is sending an additional 3,500 vaccines to Uganda in an effort to contain the disease. The others cases include the deceased three-year-old young brother, who also tested positive and were admitted at the isolation facility that was established at Bwera General Hospital.

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