Google Glass 2 enterprise version launches

The next-generation Google Glass

The next-generation Google Glass

There's also a standard version whose design resembles the original Google Glass.

But by rebranding the wearable as a business tool for factory workers and doctors in 2017, parent company Alphabet breathed new life into the smart specs. The design of the device is nearly identical, but Google has swapped out the chip on the inside and the new Glass 2 is now build on Qualcomm's Snapdragon XR1 platform.

It also allows for better power management and improved performance, as well as 'computer vision and advanced machine learning capabilities'. It's been moved from the Google X "moonshot" division, Google explained a blog post on 20 May.

Using GE Aviation as guinea pigs, the company introduced new functions like a heads-up display with instructional videos, animations, and images.

Google has also partnered with Smith Optics to make Glass 2 compatible with safety frames used in work environments. Now, Glass Enterprise Edition 2 is a fully-fledged member of the Google family.

Last but not least Google Glass Enterprise Edition 2 is said to be easier to develop for and deploy as it is built on Android, so it is easy for customers to integrate services and APIs they might already be familiar with.

The new Glass 2 features improved camera performance and quality as well, and a USB-C port with fast charging support.

While Google doesn't appear to have any plans of making Glass available to consumers anytime soon, the device seems to be taking off among those who use it in the enterprise industry.

"As our customers have adopted Glass Enterprise Edition, we've received valuable feedback that directly informed the improvements in Glass Enterprise Edition 2", says Jay Kothari, Project Lead, Glass.

More and more businesses are trialling augmented reality and virtual reality headsets in the workplace, often for employee training purposes.

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