Google is shutting down the Jump VR platform in June

Virtual Reality Glasses. Pixabay

Virtual Reality Glasses. Pixabay

The global tech behemoth launched the platform back in 2015 with GoPro, to simplify the creation of 3D 360-degree videos using footage captured by compatible camera rigs which feature over a dozen action cams.

A dwindling user base has forced Google to shut down its Jump virtual reality (VR) platform that would go offline by the end of June.

Google made the announcement to the platform's users via email and posted a notice on the Jump FAQ page.

"Those who want a copy of the data they uploaded to the cloud will have until June 27th to download them all".

Google has seen the emergence of a number of good alternative solutions for creators.

We will deactivate Jump account access and begin deleting your Google Cloud Storage data on June 28, 2019.

Once the video had been recorded, it was stitched together using Google Cloud to make a seamless circle and fired directly to YouTube, ready for the headsets of viewers worldwide. The company had earlier pulled the plug on a high-end cinematic VR camera that it was developing in partnership with Imax.

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