Samsung Brings One UI to Its Smartwatches

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Samsung brings Galaxy Watch Active features to older smartwatches

The update for the smartwatches brings Samsung's new One UI interface, which first launched on the company's Galaxy phones.

Samsung has just released an update which bring its latest One UI interface to its older smartwatches, including the the Galaxy Watch, Gear S3, and Gear Sport.

If you own a Samsung smartwatch, be on the lookout for this update.

In addition to the arrival of that One UI, fitness features will be improved too with the ability to track workouts in a simpler way via the Samsung Health app and dedicated widget.

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For example, those who have updated will notice a slightly more streamlined user interface, which is created to resemble the UI on the most recent Samsung Galaxy smartphones.

According to Samsung, the update adds age-based demographic averages to compare against in sleep tracking and high heart rate alerts, plus a more streamlined workout app and an outdoor swimming mode.

The updated interface features new advanced settings, including enabling and disabling Touch wake-up, controlling the frequency and timing of Daily briefing updates. The new design is supposed to help remove distractions and clutter while making the watch easier to navigate. It did the same when it snagged the all-important Spotify support a few years ago and has continually rolled out software updates, which is good to see.

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