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Game Of Thrones Is Too Far Gone To Save

‘Game of Thrones’ Ratings: Penultimate Episode Is Most-Watched in Series History

The penultimate episode of "Game of Thrones," titled "The Bells", has posted the highest initial viewing rating in series history.

Jon has seen what Daenerys has become as he watched her burn King's Landing to the ground.

That's not a lot to go on though, and we have yet to see any signs of Winterfell, despite the fact we will absolutely see Sansa Stark again. Despite the major plot developments, viewers were left wanting more from a show that has spent the last eight seasons meticulously building up complex characters. "'She went mad' feels like a lazy, stereotypical, unearned plot device - and one that was truly awful to watch".

Daenerys Targaryen's decision to lay waste to King's Landing and torch thousands of civilians in the penultimate episode of the outrageously popular TV show has ignited a furious debate online with many fans unhappy with the show runners' handling of one of the story's main characters. Even the Clegane Bowl felt a little underwhelming, thanks to the show's weird pacing and rushed nature. "It's going to be hard to think of the show without feeling nauseated by what it did - especially to its women - in the home stretch".

When the dust is all settled and the fire has turned into ashes, one thing about Game of Thrones will always be clear: They shouldn't have tried to end the whole damn show in 13 episodes. We also get a glimpse of a furious Arya standing among the victorious, cheering Dothraki, before the new Queen of the Ashes emerges to claim the smoking heap of the once great city as her own.

"They say that every time a Targaryen is born, the gods toss a coin and the world holds its breath".

Once Game of Thrones comes has come to a close this month, there will be a total of 73 episodes altogether in the show. The anticipation for the series' grand finale is higher than ever, nevertheless.

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