Amazon's Alexa Guard adds new security features to Amazon Echo smart speakers

Surprise surprise Amazon Alexa’s eavesdropping worse than you thought

Alexa Guard Now Available on All Echo Speakers in the US

Alexa Guard is a new feature in the Alexa app that allows you to check for suspicious activities. Just say "Alexa I'm leaving", and your Echo will monitor whatever smart safety and security devices you have an issue a notification to you or a security service should something go wrong.

As previously mentioned, Amazon is just starting to roll out Alexa Guard more widely, so don't be surprised if it isn't showing up yet.

The new defense system is compatible with the entire family of Echo devices.

You can buy all kinds of home security devices that play nicely with Alexa.

U.S. users can set up the free feature from a mobile device: Open the latest version of the Alexa app, navigate to the settings menu, and select "Guard".

If you are subscribed to Apple Music and have been using Spotify Free account on your Alexa-supported devices at home, it's time to change your default music streaming service preference back to Apple Music. As part of that, Amazon is selling security-themed bundles, one each for Ring and ADT, and a third that is a smart lighting bundle. If it hears something like that, it can send out smart alerts with audio snippets for you to check.

Amazon notes that Alexa Guard isn't meant to be a substitute for an alarm system, and it isn't capable of alert authorities.

Notwithstanding tuning in, Alexa Guard can likewise copy your every day brilliant light use, exchanging the lights on and off to influence it to appear as though you're home. "You can review Alexa Guard audio recordings associated with your account and delete those recordings one by one or all at once by visiting Privacy in Settings in the Alexa app or Deleting Alexa Guard audio recordings may degrade your Alexa experience". Today, a bit more than half a year after it was first revealed, Alexa Guard is starting its roll out to Echo owners. It works with Ring, ADT Pulse, and ADT Control security systems. With those services, Smart Alerts will be forwarded to the professional monitoring service, which will determine if it's appropriate to notify emergency-response services, such as the police or fire departments.

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