Ubisoft delays Skull & Bones again and won't show it at E3 2019

Ubisoft delays Skull & Bones again and won't show it at E3 2019

Ubisoft Delays Skull & Bones to April 2020

Ubisoft has announced that Skull & Bones will be delayed to after March 2020 and that four AAA games, including Ghost Recon Breakpoint, will be unveiled and released by the end of March 2020. The bad news is that Skull & Bones has been delayed again.

The company has delayed its open-world high-seas game Skull and Bones. The title is now due in Ubisoft's next fiscal year which runs from April 2020, so it could even end up being released in early 2012. First time around, developer Ubisoft Singapore stated that it wants to "make this game right in order to achieve our ambition to deliver the ultimate pirate game set to thrill players at launch and for years to come".

In terms of the company's successes, March 2019 was a record month for "overall audience, activity, and play time" across consoles and PC platforms.

The game will also be skipping E3 2019 as the team continues to "batten down the hatches" on development. And with the company indefinitely delaying the game's release - it no longer has a release window - it seems nearly certain that we'll see a very different Skull & Bones when it next appears. Beyond Good & Evil 2 is already announced, so what could the other three games be? More information at E3 and gamescom this year seems likely. We know that there won't be a new Assassin's Creed title amongst them, but will one of them be the elusive and often-rumoured Splinter Cell?

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