Uber now offers 'conversation-free' premium trips

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Uber Black riders will now also be eligible for premium phone support just like Uber Rewards Diamond tier members.

The ride-sharing service introduced a "Quiet Mode" feature for riders who prefer not to have a conversation with their drivers. "If you're in the mood to chat, that's an option too", Uber revealed on its website, detailing the new option.

Starting today, Uber Black and Uber Black SUV drivers in dozens of USA cities (full list here) will have to come into compliance with new company rules to ensure a consistent experience across the service. Uber's new pilot program, announced Wednesday, includes an in-app feature that warns passengers if they're being dropped off on a street with a bike lane.

Under the upgrade, Uber would also allow its Premium riders to request help with their luggage and specify their preferred temperature while booking the ride. One of them is a 15-minute grace period once the vehicle arrives to get in the auto, though a per-minute waiting fee will apply after 5 minutes.

"But really, why do we not have Lyft/Uber quiet mode yet".

The announcement comes after months, if not years, of app users begging Uber to give them the choice to opt out of talking to drivers.

The features come online in the United States on May 15. "With these new features and more to come, we're excited to ensure that our riders can arrive relaxed and refreshed, wherever they're headed".

"We're looking to create more differentiation between the premium products and the regular products to encourage more trips", Uber product manager Aydin Ghajar told the publication.

The giant ride-hailing company has not yet made a profit, despite its multibillion-dollar valuation.

As part of its new campus safety initiative, Uber is rolling out dedicated pickup zones on college campuses.

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