Issac Kappy found dead after jumping from a bridge

Isaac Kappy

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The man has been identified as 42-year-old Isaac Kappy of Albuquerque, NM. He was found dead Monday morning in Arizona.

According to PEOPLE, it was said Kappy's death was being investigated as a suicide.

The 42-year-old penned a final letter, which he posted on Instagram before his death.

Two teens got out of their vehicle and tried to restrain Kappy from jumping, but failed, authorities told the outlet.

Isaac Kappy, the actor who was accused of assaulting Paris Jackson at a game night party past year, has died.

Actor Isaac Kappy, who has appeared in Thor in 2011 and Terminator: Salvation, has died. In an emergency, call 000.

Isaac allegedly choked Paris during a party back in August 2018. He started the note out by explaining that he had recently "come to some stark revelations about [his] character", and admitted he was "arrogant" for not realizing these things about himself sooner.

The statement went on: "I HAVE NOT been a good guy".

Kappy also had ties to the QAnon "movement," a conspiracy theory claiming a secret government plot exists against President Donald Trump.

"I have tax delinquencies". The actor also mentioned about selling drugs, abusing himself, having debts and using the money to gamble in his post.

In his Instagram post, Kappy noted the multiple pedophilia accusations he's made. "And while I could have utilized this period of great awakening to AWAKEN myself, I have used it focused on the darkness OF OTHERS and not the darkness WITHIN".

"President Trump", he continued, "I have betrayed you and squandered good will, and now I shall forever be known for my actions". "And while it's true I have outed many pedophiles who were former FRIENDS, I remained in their sphere for much longer than I should have, and attempted to gain from them AFTER I knew about their actions", he said. "I have I have EXPECTED help without putting proper WOR in to help myself".

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