US measles boom heats up with 75 more cases this week

839 cases of measles reported in 23 states; no confirmed cases in Alabama

Number of measles cases in US hits 25-year-high

According to US health officials, the growing tally that is the nation's highest in 25 years.

Sarkar added: "We have long known that vaccine avoidance is a critical public health issue in the USA and Europe".

US health officials say this year's count of measles cases has surpassed 800, a growing tally that is already the nation's highest in 25 years.

Officials in New York City and Rockland County - where almost 700 people combined have contracted measles since late past year - have taken measures such as declaring emergencies over the issue and implementing bans on unvaccinated minors in certain schools or public places.

The CDC on Monday is due to release updated figures on the number of cases recorded so far this year. Up to 90 per cent of people who are exposed will catch the virus if not immunised. "This is the greatest number of imported cases since measles was eliminated from the 2000".

"We believe in our doctors, we believe in our nurses, we believe in our educators, we believe in science, and we love our children".

Lauren Gardner, an associate professor of civil engineering at Johns Hopkins and a UT Austin engineering alumna, commented: "Critically, we recommend that public health officials and policymakers prioritize monitoring the counties we identify to be at high risk that have not yet reported cases, especially those that lie adjacent to counties with ongoing outbreaks and those that house large worldwide airports". "That's been the history of measles since we developed the vaccine".

The New York outbreaks, for example, reportedly began with infected travelers who brought measles back from Europe, and have been concentrated largely among Orthodox Jewish communities.

Of the 75 new cases, 66 were reported in New York, with 25 in Rockland County and 41 in New York City, according to CNN.

The disease is highly contagious and can be fatal, killing one or two of every 1,000 children who contract it, according to the CDC.

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