LEGO cranks it up to Eleven with bricktastic Stranger Things set

Netflix is coming to E3 to talk about turning their shows into games

Netflix will be talking games development at E3 2019

The set itself features the Byers household in both its "normal" state and its "Upside-Down" variant, which speaks to the ingenuity behind the set's creation. There's also a stack of show-inspired minifigs that come with the set, including Eleven, Mike, Lucas, Dustin, Will, Joyce, Chief Hopper, and the ever-menacing Demogorgon from down below.

The living room features authentic details from the series, like the alphabet wall with a light-up function, couch, coffee table, telephone, axe, 'have you seen me?' flyer stickered element and a bear trap to catch the Demogorgon.

The news that Netflix has other games in the works besides its upcoming Stranger Things adventure game is exciting, not least because we have seen it dabble recently in the interactive streaming space. (It's available May 15 to Lego VIP rewards-program members.) Lego and Netflix last week teased that a "Stranger Things" toy was on its way in tweets last week. This is a major set with over 2,000 pieces and should keep Stranger Things fans delight for hours and tie them over until Season 3 arrives this July. There are small Easter eggs to be discovered throughout the house including a "Will the Wise drawing' and a picture of the iconic Mind Flayer hidden in the attic". The set also comes with Hopper's police jeep as well. But considering just how much is actually going on, it's honestly a price that could be worth paying if this is the one and only Stranger Things set Lego actually gets to make.

By the way, Eleven's blond wig can be removed to reveal a bald head, a Lego rep confirmed, who added, "It's not entirely smooth, though, as she has a stud atop her head in order to attach the hairpiece".

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