Britney Spears Granted Restraining Order Against Former Friend

Britney Spears Granted Restraining Order Against Former Friend

Britney Spears appears in court to speak on her legal status

On Friday, May 10, 2019, Britney Spears and her mother Lynne Spears appeared at a hearing to address her 11-year conservatorship. The judge ordered an expert evaluation of the Britney's situation.

Washington D.C., May 9: American singer-songwriter Britney Spears has been granted a restraining order against her former manager Sam Lutfi.

By the time the hearing was over, Britney Spears had left out of the judge's chambers and all the lawyers left out of the private exit so no media was able to ask any questions.

When the doors re-opened, the courtroom was empty, and Penny has issued no ruling or statement on Spears' case. In an Instagram post, the performer wrote that she'd be prioritizing her family because her dad had been hospitalized and "nearly died" - it was later revealed that his colon ruptured in November 2018.

Conservatorship, known in many states as guardianship, is an involuntary status usually reserved for very elderly or very ill people who are suffering from dementia or otherwise incapacitated and unable to make decisions for themselves.

The appearance of Spears' 66-year-old father Jamie Spears was something of a surprise because he had been in such ill health in recent months that his daughter put her career on hold, delaying the start of a Las Vegas residency, so she could be with him.

Meanwhile, sources tell TMZ that Lynne, who is now staying with the singer, is very keen to get access to her daughter's medical records, but she has no interest in becoming a co-conservator of Britney's financial and personal affairs.

Jamie Lynn, 28, expressed support for her sister by posting a photo of her on her Instagram page hours after the hearing.

Fans of the superstar were pictured outside court protesting to "set her free".

There will be another status hearing in September, giving Britney plenty of time to have the evaluation done.

It is not known if Britney will attend the hearing. Britney and her mother have repaired their relationship and Lynne Spears has been staying with Britney.

Claus Hjelmbak, Britney Spears, Alli Simms and Sam Lufti pose for a picture on the red carpet at The ScandinavianStyle Mansion in Bel Air, Calif, on December 1, 2007. News, the artist was granted a restraining order after she requested protection from Lutfi on Tuesday in LA County Superior Court.

Lutfi is also accused of sending the pop star's mother, Lynne Spears, "a long and unhinged text message that includes harmful, disparaging and ominous remarks in an effort to disrupt the conservatorship".

"All is well", Spears said in the Instagram video.

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