NBA Draft: Atlanta Hawks Win Lottery, Land Zion in Recent Mock

Zion Williamson Ja Morant

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In addition to the new declaration rules, the draft itself is changing. Multiple teams in the lottery are holding on to protected or traded picks.

The NBA Draft lottery returns on May 14.

"This is probably the most successful 29-win team in the history of this sport", Koonin told The Athletic.

What are four disappointing scenarios for the Knicks at the lottery? It starts with the lottery where all 14 teams that fail to make the postseason have a chance at securing the number one overall pick. It would be nice to land in the top-four, but they only have between and three and four percent chance of actually getting in that zone.

While the lottery odds are stacked against the Heat moving to the top of the draft, teams have gotten lucky before.

While we all know Zion Williamson will be picked No.1, no team is guaranteed that pick which many speculate is the goal of the new rules; to prevent the tank for Zion mentality. That was because the first three picks were the only ones determined by the lottery.

The Spartanburg, South Carolina native swept every single National Player of the Year Award as well as being a consensus First Team All-American, while captivating the nation with his athletic ability and basketball awareness, in addition to his love and passion for the game. The front office would have options outside of wing players if they weren't in love with those names, too. Davis demanded a trade this season with the Lakers as the preferred destination, but when that deal never materialized before the February trade deadline, it gave 28 other teams hope for an offseason coup.

It would however be the most Minnesota sports way of falling down the draft order and picking one of the last picks in the draft lottery.

There are talented players in this draft beyond Williamson, but the top player has been defined for six months. Then, draft night comes, and every organization dreams of selecting that franchise-altering star that propels the team into contention for the next decade-plus.

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