Initial US assessment blames Iran for ship attacks

'British spy' is jailed for ten years in Iran 'after confessing'

British Council employee sentenced 10 years for spying

The regime that rules Iran is asking for a "bad problem" if they continue to sow chaos in the Middle East, President Donald Trump said Monday at the White House.

The move comes after the USA slapped fresh sanctions on Iran related to the Islamic Republic's iron, steel, aluminium, and copper sectors, with Washington threatening to impose more restrictive measures on Tehran. "If they do anything they will suffer greatly", the president added during his scheduled meeting with Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban.

Esmaili added that the suspect, whom he alleged had been tasked with drawing up and managing cultural "infiltration" projects, had been arrested by Iranian intelligence and security agencies "more than a year ago". "If they do anything they will suffer greatly".

In our news wrap Monday, three oil tankers were reportedly sabotaged in the Persian Gulf, with suspicions that Iran may have been involved.

While details of the incident remain unclear, it raised risks for shippers in a region vital to global energy supplies at a time of increasing tensions between the United States and Iran over its unravelling nuclear deal with world powers. The Saudi government said the attacks were created to "sabotage" the vessels while they were traveling around the Persian Gulf. The ministry' spokesman, Abbas Mousavi, was quoted by the official IRNA news agency as saying there should be more information about the incident. "They know what I mean".

"We may not have a weak case if Iran moves the global court". He called for "clarification" on what exactly happened and criticized the "negative impact of the incident on the security of the shipping industry and on maritime transit in the region", while also warning against "any malicious attempt by conspirators to undermine stability and security in the region" and calling for "the regional countries to be alert to any adventurism by foreign elements".

Just one Indian refiner has agreed to buy additional crude oil supply from Saudi Arabia to compensate for the loss of Iranian barrels, as India's firms have been looking for months to diversify their crude sources and as the Kingdom raised its prices to Asia to take advantage of the supply crunch.

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