Measles Outbreak 2019: New York State Driving Force Behind Record Outbreak

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				A nurse administers a measles vaccine in the Lapaivka village near Liviv in Ukraine this past February.			Yuri Dyachyshyn  AFP  Getty Images

Enlarge Image A nurse administers a measles vaccine in the Lapaivka village near Liviv in Ukraine this past February. Yuri Dyachyshyn AFP Getty Images

During the first two months of 2019, some 34,300 measles cases had been reported in 42 European countries, with some 25,000 cases reported in Ukraine, representing a three-fold increase from the 11,400 cases reported during the same time past year, World Health Organization said in a statement.

New York City health authorities reported an additional 43 confirmed measles cases during the past week, bringing the outbreak total to 466 cases in Brooklyn and Queens since September. "So someone (who is infected) could be walking through a space, and you go in to enter that same space and potentially catch measles".

However, for adults who will be in a place that poses a high risk for measles transmission, the CDC says you should make sure you've received your two doses of the MMR vaccine, separated by at least 28 days.

Measles is virtually unique among contagious diseases, said Dr. Harmony Tyner, an infectious disease specialist at St. Luke's in Duluth, in that it's truly airborne. For the most part, one dose should suffice (it's 93 percent effective, compared to two doses, which are 97 percent effective).

In the entire of 2018 there were 83,540 cases recorded in the European region - this year the numbers were nearly halfway there already in April. "If you are spending time in Williamsburg, Borough Park or other areas with measles activity in or around NYC confirm that you are immune to measles by looking at your vaccination history or by consulting with your healthcare provider". "However, a burgeoning "anti-vaxxer" movement has gained steam as more parents refuse to vaccinate their children based on the unfounded theory that vaccines cause autism", the Daily News reported.

'The impact on public health will persist until the ongoing outbreaks are controlled, ' it said.

And it added governments should 'identify who has been missed in the past and reach them with the vaccines they need'.

The number of measles cases around the world has shot up by 300 per cent in the past year, the WHO warned last month.

Of the 53 countries within the WHO European Region, only 11 did not report a single measles case in the first two months of 2019, WHO said.

Exclusions from class can be ordered in Spokane by the health district if just one case of measles appears in a school, said spokeswoman Kim Papich.

Last week, President Trump joined the chorus, urging parents to vaccinate their children in a shift from his tweets from several years ago warning over links between the MMR vaccine and autism.

A report by the United Nations children's fund UNICEF last month found that more than 20 million children a year missed out on measles vaccines across the world in the past eight years, laying the ground for risky outbreaks.

The US topped the charts, with 2,593,000 youngsters not receiving their first measles dose over the eight-year-period.

But in this era of easy travel, measles can spread easily.

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