Couple dies of bubonic plague

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Mongolian couple die of bubonic plague after eating marmot

Are you sick of the plague, after they had consumed raw marmot meat. Some, however, ignore these warnings over the belief that consuming the innards of the animal is good for their health.

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The unnamed couple, who were ethnically Kazakh, died after eating raw marmot flesh and offal on May 1, the BBC reported.

World Health Organization's Ariuntuya Ochierpurev said in an interview with the BBC that the meat and kidney is a folk remedy believed to promote health.

The marmot is a species of rodent in the squirrel family that is found extensively throughout Europe, Asia, and North America.

Following the couple's deaths on May 1, a quarantine was issued in Mongolia's western Bayan Olgii province, which borders China and Russian Federation.

Sebastian Pique, a 24-year-old American Peace Corps volunteer who has lived in the region for two years, said he and the tourists were invited to the governor's office on Friday to be informed about the situation. AFP said no other plague cases were reported. The most common Form, the bubonic plague, the pain associated with fever, head, and limbs, and an inflammation of the lymph nodes in the groin area.

"The Black Death", as it was known at the time, killed millions of people in the Middle Ages, but cases now are uncommon.

More than 100 people, including foreign tourists from Switzerland, Sweden, Kazakhstan and South Korea, had come into contact with the couple and were isolated and treated with antibiotics, according to Ochirpurev.

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