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Sony Play Station 5 to feature 8K 3D audio ray tracing & backwards compatibility17 Apr 2019 | Rasmus Larsen

The GPU is a custom variant of Radeon's Navi family, which will support ray tracing.

The console will be backward-compatible with PS4 games, as it is partly based on the PS4's architecture. To demonstrate this, Cerny showcased a fast-travel sequence in Marvel's Spider-Man that took 15 seconds on PlayStation 4, versus 0.8 seconds in an early "low-speed" version of the next-generation PlayStation's development kit.

We reported on a leak detailing the specifications of Sony's upcoming PlayStation 5 last week, but this morning Sony confirmed the final specifications of its next-generation console. However, he did confirm that the PlayStation VR headset as it now exists will be compatible with the next PlayStation console. Sony has installed a solid-state drive in the PS5 that Cerny claims has a higher raw bandwidth than any SSD you can get for a PC.

The PS5 specs have been leaked in a Wired interview with PS4 designer Mark Cerny.

The other hardware upgrades are also impressive, but at a certain point the descriptions of them sound like so much marketing patter - meaning it's hard for gamers to tell how the hardware described will actually benefit them.

This talk with Cerny brushes over some key details, such as the support for 8K graphics (though good luck finding a TV for that). For the time being, it's certainly a promising start (I'm all for backwards compatibility), and I'm eager to see what Sony reveals in the leadup to the console's release. It's possible Sony itself has not yet made a final decision; the platform holder could always sell the box at a loss if it believes it to be necessary, which would mean a cheaper price.

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8K support and ray-tracing support will ensure your future games will have incredible lighting while looking fantastic, and 3D audio will be supported as well. We know that the company will be talking about its next-gen hardware at E3 this year and it would make sense for them to announce what's under the hood of Anaconda and Lockhart at that conference.

If you want to read the full report yourself, have a read of that Wired article through the link. Now we'll have to see how Microsoft responds. Whenever the PS5 is finally ready to hit store shelves, we can promise you one thing: we're going to be ready.

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