Celebrities Want Laura Ingram Fired Over Nipsey Hussle Coverage

Frederick M. Brown

Frederick M. Brown

"Is that related to the lowest unemployment ever basically for African Americans?" she asked on Friday.

His memorial at the Staples Center drew more than 21,000 people and many more who spilled outside the stadium and lined the streets that led up to his clothing store to say goodbye on Thursday. In fact, The Game, T.I., Snoop Dogg and Tank have all called out Fox News and Ingraham for her remarks and demand she be fired.

Aside from mentioning the turnout for the services, Ingraham ignored the rest of the information about Hussle and his death. "Now this dear artist recently released a song called "FDT" - F Donald Trump".

The rapper continues to explain that "we are NO LONGER laying quiet while you continuously disrespect our brother, culture African Americans as a whole". "Nips passing nor his legacy is to be taken lightly as there will be consequences for any disrespect now or in the future as long as I have a voice!"

Snoop Dogg added simply, "I'm in".

Rapper T.I. also hit out at Laura Ingraham's comments and branded the segment as "disgusting".

You know, there's some things that you just don't do. While Laura Ingraham has survived multiple attempts in the past to get her fired for her repeatedly racist rhetoric, her latest violation of the basic standards for being a decent human came at the expense of the dead.

Meanwhile, Ingraham was expected to return to the airwaves Monday night and keep spreading her hatred on Fox News, which had not issued an apology or even a response to the controversy.

Now, online petitions have popped up across the internet, and many of them were taking aim at her show's sponsors in an effort to get them to stop advertising.

Ingraham pointed out that Hussle recorded an expletive-ridden protest song against President Donald Trump, and went on to ridicule at the lyrics of the song. David Hogg, a survivor of the Florida high school shooting, called for a boycott of Ingraham then, which led to her criticisms against Hogg for "whining" about not being accepted into four colleges he applied to.

The online push over Ingraham's Hussle segment marks the third time in the last 14 months the Fox News personality has faced a public pressure campaign.

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