Men with beards carry more germs than dogs, study suggests

Men with beards carry more germs than dogs, study suggests

Beards carry ‘more bacteria than dogs’, study claims | Daily Star

- Men carry more germs in their beards than dogs carry in their fur, a study found.

Researchers at Switzerland's Hirslanden Clinic found almost half of all sampled beards had bacteria that was unsafe to human health.

Maybe not, but after this study it's safe to say most men's beards aren't as clean as dogs' fur.

"The researchers found a significantly higher bacterial load in specimens taken from the men's beards compared with the dogs' fur", Professor Andreas Gutzeit told the publication. The rest had just moderate levels.

The study was originally conducted to discover whether humans were at risk of picking up a dog-borne disease from MRI scanners used by vets, the Daily Mail reports.

Researchers, who were trying to establish whether it was hygienic to allow dogs into the same MRI machines as humans, took swabs from the beards of 18 men and the necks of 30 dogs and compared the results.

"There seems to be a constant stream of negative stories about beards that suggest it's more about pogonophobia [the fear of beards] than anything else".

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