Apple Spending Over Half A Billion on New Gaming Service

Is Apple doing the right thing by spending millions on new games for Arcade

Apple Spending Millions of Dollars To Secure New Games for Apple Arcade

The news that Apple is shelling out a total of more than half a billion dollars to launch Apple Arcade comes via a report from The Financial Times, which makes it clear how important the new games offering is to Apple in spite of the splashiness surrounding the rollout of Apple TV+.

Apple is reportedly spending "hundreds of millions of dollars" for its upcoming video games subscriptions service called Apple Arcade, according to an exclusive report by Financial Times which quotes unidentified people familiar with the deals.

Now Apple wants every major title to appear on their gaming platform, just like how Microsoft wanted every app developers to make apps for Windows Phone.

Apple Arcade first announced at GDC2019, is set to be the first mobile gaming subscription service.

Apple Arcade have a better prospective for generating revenue for Cupertino company, as with this package user will slew of premium video games from both independent and well-established and game developers.

The service, which was announced together with streaming and news platforms, works like an Xbox Game Pass subscription, but for iOS devices. This isn't a cheap investment, as reports are suggesting that Apple is already sinking $500 million into the endeavour.

There is no firm launch dates for the Arcade yet, but it will launch sometime in Fall 2019.

This subscription-based gaming service will look to compete directly with Google who recently unveiled their own gaming service Stadia which looks to bring 4K-streaming to the gaming experiences of their subscribers.

It's a hefty sum that shows just how is serious Apple is about Arcade, specifically when it comes to attracting top-tier talent from around the games industry. At the present time, over 100 games have been curated to be a part of Apple Arcade. In addition to that, if the users do not provide explicit consent, Arcade games will not be allowed to share any of their data with the publishers. They're downloaded and installed on the device, not streamed, which means they can be played offline.

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