Stacey Dooley’s boyfriend calls Kevin Clifton a snake after confronting him

Stacey Dooley and her reported new squeeze- dance partner Kevin Clifton

Stacey Dooley and her reported new squeeze- dance partner Kevin Clifton Credit Guy Levy BBC

It came as a huge surprise to many (and some, not) when the 2018 victor Stacey Dooley's boyfriend Sam Tucknott announced to the world that Stace had dumped him for her dance partner Kevin Clifton.

He's the boy next door that has taken five of his Strictly Come Dancing contestants to the final, but for Kevin Clifton, finding love hasn't been such an easy task.

He explained how after they had split, they cleared out their Brighton home when a text from Kevin saying "I love you" popped up onto her phone, leading him to brand the dancer 'an absolute rat'.

Anyone with any adult life experience knows there are two sides to every story.

According to Sam, Stacey subsequently confessed to falling for Kevin during their time on the show.

"Looking back now all the signs were there that I had lost Stacey, but I kept thinking we had done the hardest bit". "We were approached and told that if we paid the right people we would be guaranteed the title but it would cost more than £10,000 in all and I just felt somewhere it had all gone wrong".

She wrote: "Anyone with any adult life experience knows there are 2 sides to every story".

'I haven't got the time or energy to correct some of the utter nonsense I've read on here.

'I am so respectful of [Stacey], but I am gutted and I am disappointed and I feel so let down that she did not have the respect for me to tell me and just come clean'.

Addressing her ex directly, she continued: "Re Sam, I loved him v much and only wish him happiness and success going forward".

Documentary filmmaker Stacey maintains that nothing happened between her and Kevin until she ended her relationship with Sam.

Speaking at the weekend, Sam told of how he found a text from Kevin Clifton on Stacey's phone as they agreed to break up and were in the process of moving out of their flat.

"He didn't say a word, he looked petrified, so shocked", Sam said. I know I said this the other day, but, I've fallen in love with dancing all over again and "Strictly" all over again.

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