Google Play Services 16.7.94 Beta Update Available with Software Improvements

Check the apps you're downloading- do they appear legitimate

Check the apps you’re downloading – do they appear legitimate

"As has been previously reported, some versions of the Android malware were present in the Google Play Store". It restricted access to select use cases, such as when an app has been chosen by the user to be their default text message app. Google mentioned that as a result of this change, access to SMS and call logs by apps has decreased by more than 98%.

Google notes in a developer blogpost that, "We will soon be taking more time (days, not weeks) to review apps by developers that don't yet have a track record with us". This change will ensure only secure apps are available in Play Store for consumers. Apple explains that on average, 50 percent of apps are reviewed in 24 hours and over 90 percent are reviewed in 48 hours.

According to Google, developers voiced their frustrations with the decision-making process when the company began enforcing its SMS and call log policies.

Like its iOS rival, updates to the Android operating system have been carried out through the Settings application since its commercial release in 2008. This is why there are many reports of unexperienced Android fans deleting Google Play Services from their smartphones in order to free up storage space only to be left wondering to why their apps and mobile games are not working anymore.

Even though Tasker's situation was somewhat unique, Google noticed three common themes with developers' complaints.

Emails for policy rejections and appeals will include more details, such as why a decision was made, how developers can modify an app to comply, and how developers can appeal.

"Humans, not bots, already review every sensitive decision, but we are improving our communication so responses are more personalized - and we are expanding our team to help accelerate the appeals process", Google says.

Decisions appeared to be automated, and it was hard to "reach a human at Google" who could provide policy details and appreciate new use cases proposed by developers. To prevent these developers from gaming the system Google sometimes doesn't share the reasons it's conclude that two accounts are related.

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