Trump touts tax cuts with Tax Day trip

Trump en route to the Twin Cities for tax event

Trump touts tax cuts with Tax Day trip

"Democrats have taken parts of the tax law that are base-broadening ー and that may increase taxes for a small minority of taxpayers ー and made that central to the message", Pomerleau said.

"Losing? People who thought that getting a tax cut would mean a bigger tax refund", Romans explained. Minnesota U.S. Sen. Amy Klobuchar, a 2020 Democratic presidential candidate, said Sunday the tax cuts had added trillions of dollars to the nation's debate and disproportionately helped the wealthy.

Monday is the day tax filings for 2018 are due to the federal government.

A Trump opponent welcomed the president to Burnsville with a sign that said: "Demand Trump's Tax Returns and a List of his Creditors". "That tax bill should have been a bill that would have not only brought some taxes down for working people but also could have funded a major infrastructure investment".

"I think at the end of the day you've got a very prosperous America with low unemployment, blue collar workers are doing actually higher wages than we've had in years and the blue collar workers are doing better than the white collar workers although everybody's sharing in the prosperity", Kudlow said. "It's very simple", Trump told reporters last week, and also argued the matter has already been litigated through the 2016 election. Eighty-one percent of the middle one-fifth of income earners received a tax cut. But so far, the tax cuts haven't delivered a major shot of financial adrenaline to most families. "While its customers" overall tax liability fell 24.9 percent in the first year under the new tax law, refunds were roughly flat at just 1.4 percent.

While at the event, Trump discussed topics ranging from business growth to the economic plight of farmers to the burning of the Cathedral of Notre Dame.

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