Nexus 6P Class Action Lawsuit Give Users $400

Nexus 6P Users Who Faced Bootloop Battery Drain Issues May Now Receive Up to $400 From Google Huawei

Nexus 6P users had largely reported bootloop and battery drain issues in 2016

But later it was reported that users were facing bootloop, in which Nexus 6P was simply shutting down without any warning.

If the court verdict on May 9th came in favor of plaintiffs, Nexus 6P users in the U.S. who bought the device on September 25th, 2015 and onward would be qualified to claim repayment. It seems that the owners of the Nexus 6P are going to get justice because Google and Huawei have chose to settle the class-action by paying up to $400 to eligible Nexus 6P owners. This settlement will cost the companies up to $9.75 Million.

According to The Verge, this suit alleges Google and Huawei of breaching the warranty on the Nexus 6P because both the companies were aware of this issue but neither of them did anything to take care of the issues and continued to sell the device. Others dealt with accelerated battery drain, forcing the device to power down at random times, even if it had been recently fully charged. Provided the court approves the settlement on 9 May, anyone in the United States bought the Nexus 6P from 25 September 2016 onward will be eligible for as much as $400 if they provide documentation, while those without will receive up to $75.

Google and Huawei agree to pay Nexus 6P owners who have experienced issues on their devices.

We want to make it clear that Huawei and Google are the ones who proposed the settlement. Here's how you can claim. Those who submit proper documentation for the bug will receive the most settlement money, while those without may be eligible for up to $75. For instance, if you didn't actually experience any bootloop or battery drain issues or you already received a Pixel XL as a replacement for your faulty Nexus 6P back in 2017, you'll only get a reward of between $5 and $10. If Google sent you an original Pixel as a warranty exchange, you'll only be eligible for a $10 settlement. The most recent and high-profile case belonged to LG, which end up paying $425 per owner, or $700 in the form of a rebate, after settling a similar class action suit regarding bootloop issues with the G4, V10, V20, Nexus 5X, and G5 back in January 2018.

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