Skype now allows sharing your Android smartphone’s screen on a video call

Skype adds screen sharing on iOS and Android - news

Skype adds screen sharing to its iOS and Android apps

Tests are ongoing both on Android and iOS versions of the app, which will allow screen sharing. On top of that, Microsoft has yet to announce a rollout date for the feature. Unfortunately, most devices don't have a built-in screen sharing option, and only a handful of messaging apps let you do that seamlessly.

The Screen Sharing feature is an interesting one as it puts Skype ahead of its rivals (WhatsApp, Messenger, Snapchat etc.) and allows mobile users share Powerpoint presentations with coworkers on-the-go, collaborate on projects with colleagues, surf dating websites and apps with a BFF, or shop online with a family member. Microsoft confirmed in a blog post that users in the Skype Insider preview program can play with the new feature as of Thursday. "Simply tap on ... and select Share Screen to get started".

Skype is likely envisioning this feature to be more useful for its business consumers, who may not want to make the switch to Skype for Business, especially as rival apps like Cisco WebEx, Zoom and GoTo Meeting sport a similar functionality, but aren't as user-friendly or ubiquitous as Skype is.

The potential applications of mobile screen-sharing are varied and extremely useful. Starting today, Skype has you covered.

Background blur in Skype uses artificial intelligence to keep you in focus during video calls.

If you have tried any of the aforementioned features before now, you could drop your comment to help us know how important they are to your ability to have a meaningful conversation while using Skype.

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