Apple Now Lets Users Listen to Podcasts on the Web

Apple Reportedly Bringing Apple Music, Apple TV Apps to the Mac

Apple rumored to split up iTunes in forthcoming MacOS release

There are also new episode pages also feature show notes and more granular information about a particular podcast, such as runtime, description and published date.

According to anonymous sources cited by 9To5Mac today, Apple preparing to split up the Mac version of the iconic media store into multiple standalone applications. To be honest, this shouldn't come to anyone as a surprise since iTunes has been a huge part of Apple and the company is still not ready to completely retire it.

The new macOS apps will be very similar to Apple News and will share a design similar to the counterpart for iOS. The refresh means that Mac users can now stream episodes directly from the website, instead of being redirected through iTunes. The direct approach to access podcasts is a friendly experience now and feels fresh, without getting into iTunes. Earlier this month, developer Steve Troughton-Smith took to Twitter to say that he was "fairly confident" that Apple was planning new "Music, Podcasts, perhaps even Books, apps for macOS". Put simply, breaking up iTunes will present users with a much more intuitive way to access and enjoy their favorite content.

The decision to break up iTunes does make a lot of sense, to some people at least. the app is, as The Verge puts it, already ancient by software standards.

What remains unclear is the fate of iTunes once much of the content it is now the home to is moved elsewhere. As always, if you have any thoughts, feel free to sound them off in the comments section below!

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