SpaceX's Falcon Heavy launch postponed again, rescheduled to Wednesday

The Falcon Heavy is scheduled to lift off from the Kennedy Space center in Florida at 2236 GMT

The Falcon Heavy is scheduled to lift off from the Kennedy Space center in Florida at 2236 GMT

The delay is good news on the weather front: The forecast on Tuesday was far from favorable, but Wednesday evening's conditions look much better for liftoff.

Two side boosters will attempt to fly back to twin landing pads at Kennedy Space Center, while the main booster will attempt an ocean barge landing.Development of the Falcon Heavy, like all of SpaceX's missions, has been described by SpaceX founder Elon Musk as a step toward his goal of sending people to Mars.

SpaceX's Falcon Heavy will launch on its first commercial flight tomorrow.

All of SpaceX's rocket launches are streamed live online via the company's website and official YouTube page. The company's reusable rockets will make their way back down to Earth for soft landings that will allow them to be used again.

After the procedure concluded in the hangar, the rocket was rolled onto the pad for a static test fire ahead of the launch of the Arabsat 6A satellite on April 9.

The satellite will enter into orbit tomorrow at a height of 22,000 miles (36,000km) above the Earth's equator. That will be the first Falcon Heavy flight to re-use boosters.

Today, the rocket is the single most powerful spacecraft in operation and SpaceX claims the Heavy exceeds NASA's historic Saturn V rocket by a factor of two.

Like the Falcon 9, the Heavy is created to be reusable.

With its 27 Merlin engines across the three first stage bodies, the Falcon Heavy can generate up to 2,267 metric tonnes (five million pounds) worth of thrust. With three first-stage boosters akin to SpaceX's Falcon 9 rockets, the Falcon Heavy boosters, too, are created to fly back to Earth and be reusable. It was carrying Elon Musk's red Tesla Roadster with the crash dummy Starman at the wheel.

SpaceX also boasts the rocket can lift up to 64 metric tonnes into space, making it more powerful than a Boeing 737 jest full of cargo, crew and passengers.

SpaceX also tweeted out a photo showing the mated rocket and its 27 first-stage Merlin engines, which together produce more than 5 million lbs. of thrust.

The Falcon Heavy is meant to carry super-big satellites, as well as cargo for points far beyond, like Mars.

Falcon Heavy is a modified version of SpaceX's standard Falcon 9 rocket, essentially made up of three Falcon 9's strapped together, albeit with a reinforced center core.

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