Heartbroken New Zealanders mourn victims lost to Christchurch mass shooting

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Video footage widely circulated on social media, apparently taken by a gunman and posted online live as the attack unfolded, showed him driving to one mosque, entering it and shooting randomly at people inside.

A video of one of the shootings was live streamed on Facebook by a man identifying himself as Brenton Tarrant. Children are among the 48 people being treated for gunshot wounds.

ReutersA New Zealand judge ordered that Tarrant's face be blurred to preserve fair trial rights.

Fuller says Tarrant has spent little time in Australia in the past four years and Acting Deputy Police Commissioner Mick Willing says Tarrant was only known to police for "minor traffic matters'". No images have emerged from there. He said he survived by played dead, but was desperate to know what happened to his friends who were there with him.

The AP also reported that Tarrant, who has donated to a number of white nationalist groups but has no other direct affiliation with them, allegedly was given personal approval by Breivik to commit the mosque attacks in Christchurch, though this has yet to be verified.

Ardern's chief press secretary Andrew Campbell told CNN that the email in a "generic" email account maintained by staff, and was not seen by the Prime Minister.

This senseless attack is an affront to the people of Christchurch and New Zealand, and the broader Muslim community.

Shah Mahmood Qureshi says authorities in Christchurch, where the shootings took place, are trying to determine whether three other Pakistanis who have been missing since Friday's attack were among the fatalities.

He said they were praying "to our God of all peoples and of all cultures for peace, tolerance and good will". Now i think she is one of a kind.

He has been remanded in custody until April 5 and police have said more charges are likely to follow.

New Zealand law enforcement is working with Australian intelligence and police in the "wide-reaching" investigation, the commissioner said.

Two more people, whose identity remains unknown as yet, were also arrested.

Families of victims described a long first night of waiting for information at Christchurch Hospital and Hagley College, where a community center has been set up.

The hospital also confirmed 39 people are still receiving treatment, with 11 of them in intensive care. But updates were slow to come, and many families were still waiting to hear whether their loved ones were among the victims.

"Hi guys how are you". People hold up signs of support at a vigil in Aotea Square in support of the victims of the Christchurch mosque killings in Auckland, New Zealand, Saturday, March 16, 2019.

Ardern noted that this individual traveled around the world and spent "sporadic periods of time" in New Zealand.

At least one Palestinian died, Palestine's ambassador to Australia and New Zealand said in a statement.

The majority of victims were migrants or refugees from countries such as Pakistan, India, Malaysia, Indonesia, Turkey, Somalia and Afghanistan.

A story of true heroism is emerging from the horrific terror attacks on innocent Muslims in New Zealand.

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