Louis Vuitton defends Michael Jackson-themed show

Louis Vuitton Pulls Virgil Abloh’s Michael Jackson-Themed Clothes

Louis Vuitton Yanks Virgil Abloh's Michael Jackson Clothing Over Backlash

Logos of the Louis Vuitton brand are seen outside a Louis Vuitton store in Bordeaux, southwestern France, October 4, 2016. It was an interesting collection that has ultimately been pulled by Louis Vuitton in light of the recent controversy caused by the Leaving Neverland documentary, according to SPIN.

The collection, which was unveiled in January, featured pieces inspired by Jackson's "Billie Jean" video.

Michael Jackson's daughter was hospitalised on Saturday following the Leaving Neverland documentary. "I strictly condemn any form of child abuse, violence or infringement against any human rights", he told WWD.

Abloh's show celebrated Jackson with an elaborate set and designs evoking the singer's world and style - set to a soundtrack of his music.

Jackson's family has called the documentary and news coverage of the accusations a "public lynching" and said he was "100 percent innocent". The documentary in question takes a look at the alleged sexual abuse allegations against Michael Jackson and his relationships with younger boys.

The menswear unit is a relatively small part of its business and pulling the Jackson-themed items should not have a major impact on the label.

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