DUP could be handed ‘MILLIONS’ to back May’s deal — BREXIT SHOCK

British lawmakers voted on Thursday night to allow the government to seek a delay for Britain's departure from the European Union. but the Conservative Party is still severely split

UK Parliament votes to delay Brexit but rejects second referendum

The vote against a no-deal Brexit was non-binding, but investors believe Britain will now avert a disorderly Brexit that would severely damage its economy.

MPs tonight voted against a second referendum on Brexit for the first time as Remain MPs prepare to seize control of the agenda to push Britain to a soft Brexit.

Professor Iain Begg, of the European Institute and co-director of the Dahrendorf Forum at the London School of Economics and Political Science, said: "EU agreement is likely, but the EU side will want reassurance that the extension is for a goal, not just to permit further procrastination by the UK".

"It's not up to European Union countries to say what that is, but the United Kingdom", it said.

The U.K.'s departure, due on March 29, is likely to be delayed as U.K. lawmakers wrangle over whether to approve a withdrawal agreement with the bloc.

Rebels have accused Mrs May of botching the negotiations with Brussels and surrendering on the backstop - an insurance policy which sets out what happens to the Irish border if the sides fail to find another solution.

Mr Kawczynski, is a member of the hard Brexit supporting European Research Group, which has been opposed to Mrs May's deal, along with members of the DUP. Instead, the customs duty is fixed by the EU.

But May hopes they will change their mind if they face a choice between her deal or remaining in the European Union.

A number of Cabinet ministers - including Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster David Lidington, Environment Secretary Michael Gove and Chief Whip Julian Smith - have met with the party as part of efforts to get them to support the PM's deal. But he quit as the party's leader in the days after the referendum.

"Ahead of the meeting he thanked France for its solidarity" with Ireland on the border issue, seen by Ireland as key to avoiding a return to violence in Northern Ireland. Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn has called for Ms. Speaker of the House John Bercow yesterday drew the House's attention to a passage in Erskine May, the authoritative treatise on British parliamentary practice; which prohibits the same motion from being put forward repeatedly after being rejected by MPs - as the withdrawal agreement has already failed to gain MPs' approval twice, drawing the largest and fourth largest United Kingdom government defeats in modern history, the Erskine May passage could be argued to apply in this case. In the event of an extension, the question is how long it will be.

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