GOP Rep Fights Back: You Can’t Pin New Zealand Massacre On Trump

Illinois Republican Congressman Adam Kinzinger face planted on CNN Friday in a fruitless effort excuse the role of President Donald Trump's inciteful anti-Muslim rhetoric in the New Zealand mosque shooting that killed 43, saying that the US president is blameless because Hitler caused the Holocaust. "Why would anyone see the president as a symbol of white identity", CNN's John Breman asked.

"The person giving a sign of allegiance to President Trump is the killer here", Berman continued. "The language he uses in this manifesto is all about invaders". It is all about invaders, which is similar to the killer at the synagogue in Pittsburgh and language President Trump used in a campaign ad before the midterm election. And I ask you that, because this killer apparently in a screed, some people call it a manifesto, said he's a supporter of President Trump as a symbol of white identity. I don't have any idea what was in his mind.

"He's also a disgusting animal who killed 49 people", Kinzinger replied. "This is an evil man that made a decision to murder 49 people". "If you are a monster and you hear the president of the United States say that what are you supposed to do?"

"It's one thing to say "change your language" or "use it differently" but the connection can not be made", he said, "I firmly believe you can not make a connection". "Frankly, the evil in his heart". Kinzinger said he'd never used such language personally, but Berman pressed the issue.

Kinzinger added that he doesn't think Trump should use words like "invasion and hordes,", but "that doesn't mean he can't be passionate about the fact that he wants to stop illegal immigration". "What I am saying though if you look at the Holocaust where six million Jews were killed and Hitler basically brought a bunch of people into evil thinking to do what they did, that was way before President Trump", Kinzinger said. "I'm not sure what his future is going to be in New Zealand".

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