Halifax students to join global strike for climate change

Students took to the church steps to protest for their future

Braden Fastier Students took to the church steps to protest for their future

The coordinated "school strike" was inspired by 16-year-old Swedish activist Greta Thunberg, who began holding solitary demonstrations outside the Swedish parliament last year.

She said: "For years now I have been seriously concerned about climate change and the ecological breakdown we are causing, and the lack of action at a government level. Let's take action to raise awareness on Climate Change".

Chants petered out when a number of students took to the stage set up in the square to speak about what actions needed to be taken.

Students like Marlow Baines point to Wednesday's historic storm in Colorado as an example of climate change's effects.

Local high school students plan to participate in the Global Youth Climate Strike on Friday, March 15, at 10 am.

Greta Thunberg, the founder of the Youth Strike for Climate movement, has been nominated for the Nobel peace prize.

The latest strike is expected to be much larger than the first, held last month, when around 600 Scots were among around 15,000 youngsters across the United Kingdom who skipped school to protest. Hundreds of thousands of children in some 100 countries are expected to walk out of school on Friday in solidarity.

Students were protesting around the globe all with the same purpose – to support an international movement for governments to make changes towards preserving the planet

"It's outrageous. But we're not going to sit and watch our futures being trashed due to their addiction to the fossil fuel industry", says Thorpe. "Everyone should be scared", she said.

If serious action is not taken, scientists say an extreme temperature rise can have serious implications for the world including more climate refugees, climate-related deaths and more severe climate events.

Doha has specific demands for the changes she wants to see from government. What started as separate acts of absolute refusal - Thunberg's 2018 one-person protest outside the Swedish parliament the most prominent - has become a global movement.

Elsewhere in New Zealand, Wellington students showed up in force, and of course, they wielded many excellent signs. However, we do not feel that the now planned actions to address climate change are sufficient or are being implemented with the necessary urgency.

Children say they are walking out of school to bring greater attention to the impending crises that will have more of an impact on their generation than on those making current policy.

Establish youth representatives within the Steering Committee on Climate Change in Hong Kong.

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