Slack now has a dark mode for its Android and iOS apps

Goth Mode ON How You Can Tune in Your Phone for a ‘Brighter Darker Future'CC0

Goth Mode ON How You Can Tune in Your Phone for a ‘Brighter Darker Future'CC0

One of the reasons is that it conserves the device's battery life.

Slack iOS and Android users need to sign up for the dark mode beta testing program from the Apple App Store and Google Play Store respectively.

Turn on the dark mode toggle as shown below to apply the dark theme. With Slack you just have to head into the app settings once you have updated to the latest beta version. Pick Custom from the list instead, and you can control dark mode independently at both the OS and app level (if you want Windows itself but not your apps to use it, for instance). A user can join by heading over to the app's settings, and select the "Join Beta" section, which prompts them to provide your name and e-mail address. What else would you like to see Slack offer in the iOS and Android apps in the future?

Slack's new dark mode should be a welcome addition for many, but bringing it to the desktop would probably make a lot more people happy.

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The dark mode for Slack is now being rolled out to beta testers on both iOS and Android devices, The Verge reported. We are elated that the new feature is finally available, even if it's limited right now to beta testers. That apart, dark mode is also pleasing on the eyes as well and is known to cause less strain. Update the app and then navigate Settings and make certain Dark Mode is enabled.

It's the same with Notes - if you don't like the dark backgrounds dark mode introduces, you can switch back this element via Notes, Preferences, and Use dark backgrounds for note content.

We can't go through every single app for Android and iOS with a dark mode, but those are the main ones.

Instead of dark black color Slack chose to use a dark grey color for the app's dark mode update.

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