Lampitt Statement on President Trump's Proposed US Department of Education Budget Cuts

Outcry over Trump's cuts to Medicare hospital payments

‘This is something he said he’d never do’: NH Senator blasts Trump for budget cuts to Medicare and Social Security

"What this budget does is quite literally take food out of the mouths of children", while increasing spending on defense, Omar said.

The analysis from the nonprofit Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget shows most of the Medicare cuts the president proposed "come from policies which would reduce, not increase, premiums and other out-of-pocket costs for seniors, and would do so without reducing the benefit offered by Medicare".

Once in the White House, Trump reneged on his promise not to cut Medicaid for low-income people.

The budget would also require everyone with a plan from the Affordable Care Act exchanges pay some amount of premium.

Democrats at the hearing focussed on Trump's proposed cuts to social programs, making clear they would continue to emphasise them in the 2020 presidential election campaign. Currently, subsidies allow some people to qualify for plans without paying any monthly premium.

But his plan to repeal and replace "Obamacare" involved major Medicaid cuts. CMS has already been busy approving Section 1115 demonstration waivers giving states more wiggle room in structuring Medicaid, including highly-controversial work requirements.

HHS Secretary Alex Azar faced four hours of questioning at a congressional hearing fending off criticism of President Donald Trump's proposed budget, which was released yesterday.

The party is divided over costly ideas like a "Medicare for All" universal healthcare proposal and the "Green New Deal" to eliminate US greenhouse gas emissions within a decade. It would also eliminate Medicaid expansion funding.

Some programs he pledged to protect when he was running in 2016 are singled out for cuts in his latest budget, including the Medicare healthcare program for the elderly and the Medicaid healthcare program for the poor and disabled, Democrats said.

Even with little likelihood of coming law, pushback from provider groups was swift.

The head of a major hospital association pushed back hard, saying in a blog that "arbitrary and blunt" Medicare cuts would have a "devastating" impact on care for seniors.

"Hospitals are less and less able to cover the cost of care for Medicare patients; it is no time to gut Medicare", says Chip Kahn of the Federation of American Hospitals.

Trump's budget is widely seen as a dead letter on Capitol Hill, where the Democratic-majority House of Representatives will kill it, but Trump's proposals are likely to follow him into his 2020 presidential reelection campaign. The National Institutes of Health, which conducts and supports medical research, would lose $4.5 billion in funding, another politically unpopular idea, though the Department of Veteran's Affairs would gain an additional $6.5 billion from the year before. Trump is requesting 8.6 billion dollars in new funding for a border wall between the United States and Mexico - a signal that the president is not backing down from his demand to build the wall that he has insisted is necessary to stem the massive tide of illegal immigration.

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