See Teaser For Google's Big Gaming Announcement


Google Hypes Its “Vision for the Future of Gaming” With GDC Teaser

Well, at a minimum, it's worth offering a reminder that Google will reportedly show off a new device next week for streaming games that's tied to the company's Project Steam offering.

Google has posted a teaser for its Game Developers Conference event, which is set for next week.

This morning, Google is teasing its upcoming announcement at GDC 2019 on March 19 with a short video that hypes its "vision for the future of gaming".

I'm excited to finally be able to share that I have joined Google as VP! It's relatively certain, however, that Google isn't going to just announce an online game streaming service, as it probably wouldn't sell access to something like that at the Google Store. The first is Project Stream, which allows gamers to play AAA titles using nothing but a web browser.

Rumors are Google will introduce both its streaming service and potentially a controller to go with it.

Reports say Google has been experimenting with games hardware and content for a while now.

Google plans to unveil its plans on March 19, 2019 at 1PM EST.

We'll have the livestream right here, so you can follow along in real time.

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