Greens again encourage students to skip school to protest

Frome students and teachers join protest in London

One Of The Parkland Survivors Has Shouted Out This Friday's School Strike For Climate Action

Students in Europe, Australia and other countries around the world have been striking for stronger action on climate change for several months and are also planning to walk out on March 15.

The move - revealed in a letter from council chief Annemarie O'Donnell to Glasgow's Green MSP Patrick Harvie - represents a shift in the council's message from before the last youth climate strike.

"These young people understand the dire threat the Earth is facing, and they are calling for realistic and reasonable responses to the crisis", said MTA Vice President Max Page.

"These are young people who are standing up to adults".

Tens of thousands of children and young people are expected to take part in the next global climate strike which takes place this Friday, 15 March 2019, in nearly 100 countries worldwide and up to 100 locations across the UK.

"Young people are very aware of what our future will be if climate change is not addressed".

On March 15th, students around the world will trade their classrooms for the steps of their local legislative buildings to confront legislators on the issue of climate change.

They reminded that there is indisputable scientific evidence of climate change and human contribution to it, and drew attention to the need for immediate and determined action to mitigate its effects on the environment and humanity.

I have been a part of the committee of climate strikers organising the specifics of the day include time, location and run schedule.

Was there a specific moment in the past couple of years that made you passionate about climate action and inspired you to take on a position of leadership in this movement? . Organising the protest is itself an important practical lesson in democratic participation; young people are learning how to be heard and how to express dissent on an issue that will shape the lives of this generation and those to come. "And that is a big change", she said.

"So think about how many more long-term net jobs will be created by transitioning to a 100 percent renewable economy", she said. "So, we've got to make sure the Government is doing something, now".

We want to fill the government with Climate Leaders to make climate change a major policy focus for candidates in the federal election and to broadcast to voters the candidates that are leading the way for climate action. I hope that in the next federal election, we see someone elected that is able to accurately represent the electorate's values and wishes.

One of anthropologist Margaret Mead's most famous quotes instructs us: "Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world: indeed, it's the only thing that ever has".

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