Rapper who was asleep in vehicle shot dead by police

Willie Mc Coy was a ‘goodhearted kid’ says his cousin. Pic David Harrison

Willie Mc Coy was a ‘goodhearted kid’ says his cousin. Pic David Harrison

The deadly incident unfolded Saturday as officers arrived to perform a wellness check after a restaurant employee called to report a man "slumped over" the steering wheel of his auto in the drive-thru.

Officials said they instructed Willie to keep his hands where they could see them, but when he allegedly reached for his gun, they fired several fatal shots, "in fear for their own safety". "I really want to ask for, I don't know if they would give to me but I want to ask for the body cameras, that if police killed him so I just wanted to ask for the body cameras of those policemen and I feel like they should get fired".

"While officers were still positioning a patrol unit to the rear of the vehicle, and waiting for the supervisor, the driver began to suddenly move and looked at the uniformed patrol officers". Results of an autopsy, not yet available, will include how many times McCoy was hit by gunfire, as well as a toxicology report.

McCoy's family remains distraught over it all.

The video, obtained by CBS San Francisco and taken by witness Rolly Gabun - who was sitting inside a vehicle parked about 50 feet from the drive-through - captures the six officers yelling "Hands up!" "There's a lot of grieving going on, trying to make sense of this thing".

"You're not judge, jury and executioner".

McCoy's death follows multiple incidents involving Vallejo PD's poor, and sometimes brutal, treatment of its Black residents. "Unfortunately the driver was pronounced deceased at the scene", the Vallejo Police Department said in a statement.

Lawmakers in California have pursued legislation that would set rules for when police can use deadly force and instead seek nonlethal alternatives to deescalate a situation - coming after the high-profile shooting a year ago of Stephon Clark, a black Sacramento man who police later confirmed was unarmed. According to the statement, McCoy was reaching for the handgun when all six officers fired at him.

The family of a homeless man fatally shot by Oakland police in 2018 filed a lawsuit against the department last week, alleging excessive force.

Harrison said the video didn't surprise him, because once he arrived on the scene that night, it was clear the officers had executed his cousin for no reason. They said he refused to let go of his gun, which prompted the officers to shoot.

David Harrison, McCoy's cousin, claimed Vallejo police are not "trusted" in the local community. "Why wouldn't you be safe while you wake him up and then [say] 'Driver, exit the car"?" "The investigation is still in the early stages".

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