Should the Eagles trade for Antonio Brown?


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New England clearly stands as the biggest impediment to any AFC team trying to advance to the Super Bowl, and Brown would also be the ideal fit for them.

Brown, a four-time All-Pro, has been embroiled in a dispute with the Steelers, who openly have discussed the possibility of trading him.

Picking up the phone or even listening to a potential Steelers sales pitch is not something the Eagles can afford in any sense.

As good as Brown is, the Eagles have to work on finding a new left tackle, two new defensive ends, a down-the-field threat at receiver and a number of other holes on the roster. He is the only player in National Football League history with six consecutive 100-catch seasons and he hauled in 104 receptions for 1,297 yards and a franchise-record 15 touchdowns in 2018.

Talent wise, any team would love to bring someone like Brown on board for the 2019 season if they could receive some sort of guarantee that he wouldn't be a headache to deal with. Honestly, if I were in charge, I wouldn't take less than a first.

Why would the Steelers not trade Brown if he wants out?

Of course, that's always easier said than done since the Steelers completely understand the value of Brown, and will most likely be asking for a ton in return if they do take the trade approach, whether it happens to be draft picks or players.

The New England Patriots have made their fair share of noteworthy deals in the Bill Belichick era, but it looks like the Super Bowl LIII champs will be out of the running for the crowned jewel of the upcoming trade market.

The Steelers also could cut him, but given the demand for him, that doesn't seem likely. They either stick with him or trade him.

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