Google Reportedly Planning Cheaper Smartphone to Bring Users into Its Ecosystem

Google Pixel 4 may get dual SIM support like the iPhone

Google may unveil Pixel 3 Lite and new smartwatch in 2019

Along with the new Pixel phones, Google is apparently working on a new Google Home speaker.

Google allegedly isn't stopping at a new Pixel-branded smartwatch and "Lite" smartphone to drive up the use of the Google product and service ecosystems, either.

Nikkei Asian Review spoke to unnamed "industry sources" who revealed a cavalcade of Google products that are now in the pipeline. And it reiterates previous whispers that Google is planning to launch a new more affordable version of its Pixel smartphone, dubbed Pixel 3 Lite.

The Pixel 3 Lite will boast numerous same features already offered on the Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL, albeit with a slightly more affordable price tag.

Google hasn't able to make a big impact in the global smartphone market despite its premium Pixel phones receiving mostly positive reviews.

Aside from the Pixel 4 series, this lineup will seemingly include the highly-anticipated Pixel Watch. Google has plans to announce some other smart products. The final tally shows that the Google Pixel 3 XL is the clear victor, with 34 percent of responders selecting it as their choice. It's not clear what's expected to change on the new Home speaker, however. While we've figured Google had some first-party smartwatch in the works since a job listing went up last week, Nikkei's report seems to indicate there's more than one on the way, or at least being worked on.

Smartphones aren't the only Google hardware on the horizon.

Finally, Google plans to unveil an updated Nest Cam lineup.

Citing "industry sources", Nikkei reports Google will price the budget Pixel under the iPhone XR.

The company will also be releasing an updated Google Home smart speaker, Google-branded web cameras created by Nest Labs and a new wearable.

Finally, Strategy Analytics declared the Pixel 3 in particular is "starting to resonate" with United States customers that are "searching for something new, such as eSIM connectivity or AI".

As for the release of these products, a lot of them will likely be announced and launched around October of this year.

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