Tesla owners to soon get a Dog Mode

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Water Cooler Tesla expected to roll out 'Dog Mode'

He also said that the big question for investors will be watching the model 3 demand trajectory throughout Europe to gauge the pace of unit deliveries and how quickly can it reach the 100,000 units delivery barometer over the next 12 months in the key region.

As of September, prior to the divestiture, T. Rowe was the automaker's second-largest shareholder, trailing only CEO Elon Musk.

The Dog Mode, as Cnet reports, would allow climate control to run like it normally would, providing a room-temperature environment for animals left in the vehicle briefly.

If being able to record those responsible for breaking-in and/or damaging your vehicle isn't enough of a deterrent, Musk also tweeted that Sentry Mode will be fitted with an easter egg that would blast Bach's dramatic Toccatta and Fugue in D Minor and, hilariously, "Keep Summer Safe" - from a cult episode of Rick and Morty that sees an AI-enhanced vehicle take security to chilling levels.

The mode is not actually for owners to leave their pets inside and forget about it, but more like creating a comfortable environment for the pet pooch in case you have to stop by for a pack of treats.

The operations at Norway are being closely watched by the Tesla CEO himself, as they have the world's highest number of electric cars per inhabitant.

Last week Musk responded to another Tweet saying, "Sentry Mode (and Dog Mode) will roll out next week".

Like the Model X, We'll be seeing the Model Y onstage soon.

In addition to keeping the right temperature from your pet, if you set your Tesla Model S ( or another one) on Dog Mode, it will also let any passers-by know that the pet inside the auto is safe.

The study found that cold temperature can sap electric auto batteries, temporarily reducing their range by more than 40 percent when heaters are used on the inside of the vehicle. While locking an animal in a auto is never a good idea, Dog Mode will at least put owners' minds at ease for brief periods of time. This idea has also been mentioned on Twitter and details are about to come about this mode. That is only a month away, and it's unsure if Musk himself would be the one to drag the curtains of the brand new automotive. In addition to that, All the surrounsing cameras are likely to be utilez by Tesla in order to make sure that the Tesla Model S is properly protected from vandalism and theft. Elon Musk received a tweet from a person who mention their pet's need for the auto to maintain a comfortable temperature.

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