Top Star OUT Of WWE Elimination Chamber 2019?

Top Star OUT Of WWE Elimination Chamber 2019?

WWE Elimination Chamber 2019: 3 Possible Replacements For Mustafa Ali

Sources backstage at Raw today at Van Andel Arena in Grand Rapids, Michigan confirmed with Fightful that WWE is pulling Ali from the match due to mounting injuries.

Ali is reportedly sidelined by a concussion.

To explain Ali's absence from the Elimination Chamber Match, WWE plans to run an angle where Orton is to blame for his injuries. Seth Rollins, Sasha Banks, and AJ Styles are among the other big stars who have been dealing with injuries lately, and while Tye Dillinger and Harper appear to be on their way back to television, the injury bug has bit WWE hard over the past couple of months.

Ali has been an absolute beast in the ring for WWE since signing with the company, becoming the "Heart" of 205 Live before joining SmackDown Live in mid-December.

Kingston took part in a six-man gauntlet match on Tuesday night's show to determine who would get to enter the Chamber last. It was also revealed that one member of The New Day will replace Ali in the title match, and that person will compete in tonight's gauntlet match, with the victor entering Sunday's match last.

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