Newborn baby rescued from storm drain in South Africa

Baby Rescue- Newlands

Rescue Care

The local community came together to help the rescue effort by donating kitchen cupboard doors to reinforce the dig site so earth and mud wouldn't collapse on the little girl, said Wilks.

Lyron Lovdale climbed down inside the drain when he realised the noise might be a baby crying and shone a light into the pipe and saw the naked new born.

"Durban fire department has been down the manhole and has visuals of the actual baby quite far down the pipe".

Rescue Care spokesman, Garrith Jamieson said the baby was stuck quite a deep way down the stormwater pipes. When they finally got to the baby they broke into the pipe and managed to reach in and grab her.

She was examined and rushed to a waiting helicopter before being taken to a nearby hospital for care.

There were loud cheers from locals who had been from the scene since early this morning as a firefighter pulled the baby into safety.

McKenzie said police are on the scene to investigate the circumstances that lead to baby being in the drain.

Her cries were first noticed by a passer-by.

THE newborn baby who was trapped in a storm water drain has been rescued and is a stable condition.

It is not known how the baby got there, or who the mother is.

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