India illegal alcohol toll mounts to 39

Bootleg alcohol laced with toxic methanol kills 39, leaves 27 ill in northern India

Dozens die drinking illegally-brewed alcohol in India

They seized hundreds of litres of tainted liquor in raids.

According to health officials almost two dozen people were still undergoing treatment inside hospital in the two districts and doctors fear the number of deaths could rise.

Twenty-two people were admitted to hospitals in Saharanpur but were in stable condition, Pandey said.

After drinking poisonous liquor in Uttar Pradesh and Uttarakhand, 40 people died after one by one.

The death toll among people who drank illegally-brewed toxic liquor in India has risen to 103, officials said.

Officials confirmed the death toll has mounted to 72, however, local media reports suggest the tragedy has claimed over 100 lives.

Deaths from illicit liquor are common in India, where illegally brewed alcohol is often consumed for reasons including poverty and geographic isolation. "He was better then and slept after coming back home".

According to officials, in Saharanpur district of Uttar Pradesh 36 deaths have taken place owing to the consumption of spurious alcohol.

The Kushinagar government said the liquor could have originated in Bihar, where any alcohol is prohibited. "We can not deny the deaths but we will clamp down, we have been applying pressure on the border areas and we don't know the manufacture of spurious liquor in our areas". "We are focusing on the mastermind".

Health officials in India are now having a tough time attending to patients after no less than 72 victims died consuming contaminated liquor.

Adityanath, the Bharatiya Janata Party leader, said the Samajwadi Party might be involved. A magisterial inquiry has already been initiated in the hooch tragedy.

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